Container-type «Plant Factory»

Container-type «Plant Factory» is a fully assembled vertical aeroponic phytotron-based farm built into a 40 ft shipping container.


  • Chamber isolated from external factors
  • Programmable plant growing
  • Climate control
  • 3-level racks
  • Control of parameters critical to plant growth and development: temperature, humidity, gas composition, spectral structure and intensity of light, photoperiod, mineral nutrition supply control).

Universal 40 ft shipping container with climate control

  • 2-4 tons of yield a year
  • 11 vegetations a year
  • Operation temperature range -30 °С to +50°С
  • 125 kW power consumption per day (20 kW/h)
  • 19 - 37 liters of water per day
  • 15-20 operation hours a week
  • 40 sq. m. per container
  • 3-year return on investment
You get
Standard options:

1. 40 ft isolated container (steel frame with inside stainless steel compartment 12 m * 2.4 m * 2.88 m)

2. Climate control

3. Automated sprinkling system (programmable nutrition and pH for ideal growing conditions)

4. Customized LEDs (5:1 red/blue LED lighting, optimized for green leaf growth)

5. Single control panel (power unit, heat unit, cooling unit, technical gas unit and hydroponic solution mixing unit)

6. Loading/unloading zone and utility room

7. Fully controllable growing process

8. Ongoing monitoring

9. Isolated entrance

Extra options:

1. Solar panels on top of the container

2. Uninterruptible power system

3. Custom logo on the container

4. Custom exterior paint

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Container-type «Plant Factory»:
    Container-type «Plant Factory» is a good fit for urban spaces. Base module can be installed anywhere in a city, close to a café, restaurant, hotel or a shop.
    «Plant Factory» base module can be easily adapted to cultivated plants. You can use separate containers for different varieties of plants.
    Individual base modules can be joined together into various configurations based on requirements. When multiple modules are put together, only one control unit is needed which frees up more production space and lowers maintenance costs.
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