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Our Business
Our Mission

We offer solutions to supply the population with fresh products all year round regardless of the climate and geographical conditions.
«Plant Factory» is a source of high quality organic products 365 days a year. We make distances between the field and the table as short as possible.

What does ECONORM do?

We offer ready-made systems for vertical farming in an isolated virus-free space called «Plant Factory». It’s a fully assembled vertical aeroponic phytotron-based farming system in a 40 ft shipping container.

Why choose us?

ECONORM produces fully automated powerful units to produce crops in shipping containers. Thanks to our hi-tech aeroponic phytotron-based growing systems, you can start your business in any climate, geographic and space conditions.

We conduct lab tests, biological and technical research to develop growing techniques for new plant varieties, improve the growing system and provide our customers with the best possible LED, substrate, nutrition and seed material technology.

Our Product
What is «Plant Factory»?

«Plant Factory» is a pre-assembled aeroponic phytotron-based farm inside a shipping container. It allows growing basically any crop at a commercial scale in any climate and season.

Where can you place a «Plant Factory»?

Individual basic «Plant Factory» module can be installed anywhere. Our «Plant Factory» provides constant yield regardless of climatic conditions.

Can Plant Factory be used in extreme conditions?

Our vertical farm is universal because «Plant Factory» works in both southern and cold boreal climates. «Plant Factory» requires minimum space (to install a shipping container).

Utilized Technology
What is aeroponics?

Aeroponics is a method of growing plants without soil using mineral nutrition in one solution. The plants are supplied with nutrition through regular sprinkling via nozzles.

What is a phytotron lamp?

«Plant Factory» uses highly effective LED lighting with deep red and blue hues to simulate solar light. The light is turned on and off automatically to create periods of day and night for the plants. Both the light spectrum and the daylight cycle are optimized for healthy and active plant growing.

What is climate control?

Our systems have full climate control option including temperature, humidity, CO2, light and sprinkling intensity. It enables «Plant Factory» to produce crops all year round regardless of the climate outside.

What substrate do you use?

Aeroponic technology does not use any substrate. This enables us to prevent any viral infections and pathogenic diseases.

Are the grown products organic?

Solutions used in our «Plant Factory» are made with organic material. They are free from any herbicides.

Do plants grow faster?

Definitely, they do. «Plant Factory» technology creates high lighting intensity and optimal climate conditions for plant growing, the best possible environment for the nutrition of plants. Yields increase 3+ times compared to traditional farming.

How much does a «Plant Factory» cost?

One «Plant Factory» module has a fixed price for a standard version with no extra options (about RUB 2.5 million). For custom solutions, the price may vary with specifications, the number of individual base modules, expected yield, location, automation level, etc.

What are yearly operating costs of a «Plant Factory»?

The average operating costs are approx. RUB 65,000 a month (including power, water and consumables).

Can any internal components of «Plant Factory» be purchased separately?

«Plant Factory» is an integrated aeroponic phytotron-based vertical farming system. It comes assembled in a shipping container and is ready for commercial use. We do not sell separate equipment components.

Power Consumption
How much power does a «Plant Factory» consume?

The average power consumption of «Plant Factory» is 125 kW/h a day, or 36,000 kW/h a year. Power consumption varies with the space used, automation level, number of LEDs and can depend on the climate the «Plant Factory» is used in. More detailed information will be available in a feasibility study which is always conducted for each custom «Plant Factory» project.

What happens in case of a power breakdown?

Our «Plant Factory» system does not include a stand-by generator, so if you are situated somewhere with frequent power breakdowns we recommend using a 15 kW power generator. During the installation of your «Plant Factory», ask the electric technician to check the power supply scheme of the «Plant Factory» and make a junction to the stand-by generator.

Can «Plant Factory» be solar-powered?

Yes, it can. We can offer you solar panels to generate solar power for your «Plant Factory».

Cultivated Crops
What can I grow in a «Plant Factory»?

You can grow multiple varieties of leafy greens: herbs (mint, basil, oregano), lettuce (cress, arugula), crucifers (mustard greens, Brussels sprouts), wild strawberries, flowers: seed crops including seed potatoes, medicinal herbs.

Where can I buy consumables?

«ECONORM» sells all kinds of consumables: fertilizers, hydroponic solutions, seeds.

Plant Biology
What plant varieties can be grown?

We have a list of 30+ possible varieties, including various lettuces, medicinal herbs, crucifers, seed potatoes, with individual growth methods for each variety.

Can the farming be year-round?

Yes. Plants are grown in enclosed facilities with built-in climate control and LEDs with no influence of external seasonal factors.

Can I grow different plants together?

Yes, you can grow plants with similar growing conditions simultaneously in one facility.

How many plants can be grown per square meter?

You can grow 12 to 48 mature plants per 1 sq.m. at one level. You can use more levels to grow more plants per 1 sq.m.

How many levels of racks can be used?

You can use up to 4 levels in our containers.

Do you have your own R&D lab?

Yes, we have our own team of scientists and a research lab studying plant growing conditions at N.M. Emanuel Institute of Biochemical Physics in Moscow. We also work together with renowned researchers in international universities (Turkey, Italy).

Business Platform
Where can I sell products grown on my «Plant Factory»?

You can work with local food distributors, wholesale dealers, restaurants, food cooperatives or markets.

Can you make custom systems for a fixed site?

Yes, we offer fixed-site «Plant Factory» units customized to your requirements. They are custom-built to meet your goals. At the design stage, we consider your construction options, requirements for specific crops and their compatibility in one room, the required automation level and integration of postharvest treatment.

Do you provide after-sales support?
Yes, we provide the following types of after-sales support:
  • - Sale of consumables (seeds, substrates, hydroponic solutions)
  • - Sale of growing technique licenses
  • - Growing advice
  • - Spare parts supply
What is the estimated lead time?

The lead time for a custom fixed-site «Plant Factory» project is 6-9 months from the approval of final design and receipt of the advance payment. This timeframe includes test launch and troubleshooting.

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